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1. Planning and Coverage of Syllabus

a) The school is affiliated to Air Force Educational and cultural society. A well

devised monitoring mechanism has been worked out to ensure steady and timely

implementation of the syllabus.

b) The teachers prepare their weekly lesson plan methodically to make subjects

as interesting as possible. After every class session, assimilation is checked through

inter-active method. Teachers monitor progress of each child on regular basis.

c) Teachers’ diary is maintained on weekly basis. The same is submitted to

Principal on every Monday for vetting and cross- checking with physical actual

teaching in the class rooms. All the classroooms are provided with Extramarks

smart boards to provide quality education to all the students.

d) Syllabus of all classes is covered by 31 January of every academic year.

e) High standard of class room teaching is maintained. This is regularly

monitored by HM by regularly attending the classes.

f) There is active participation of students in classroom teaching. Interactive

method is always encouraged in class rooms.

g) A sample check of correction of home assignments and class work is carried

out regularly by the HM.

h) Adequate efforts are taken by teachers to pay special attention to weak

students. Subject wise records of weak and gifted students are maintained in

teacher’s diaries.

j) There are no dyslexic children in the school

2. Computer Education

a) The school has full fledged Computer Lab with Five computer sets available.

b) Syllabus as prescribed by NCERT is followed. It is planned evenly throughout

the year through split up syllabus.

c) One computer teacher has been employed in the school. However most of the

teachers are computer educated.

d) Every class has 03 Computer periods per week. Maximum use of computer

lab is done.

e) Interactive CDs and software are available. Computer Education is also being

given to preprimary section.

f) High quality of Computer Education is maintained under supervision of HM

and Executive Director.

3. Teaching / Training Aids

a) Green fiber glass boards/ white marker boards with tube lights are fitted

in eachclass room.

b) A Video Projector with Screen and PA system are available in school. All class

rooms are connected to HM’s office by Central Monitoring and broadcasting system.

c) Ceramic Models of science related topics, Charts, Flash cards, Toys, Blocks,

Two-in-one, LCD TV & DVD player are used in Nursery wings as well as charts,

models related to social science, maps and mathematical instruments are used as

teaching aids for other classes.

d) A proper teaching aid cell is maintained in school where in charts, maps,

models etc. are displayed. Display Boards are available in each class room and

corridors too. Play cards are used to teach children and generate interest.


4. SUPW/ Art/ Craft/ Music

a) 01 teacher each for Art/Craft, SUPW & Music is available.

b) Harmonium, Tabla, Casio, Dholak, Drum set, are available in school. A part

time Music teacher looks after the vocal and instrument training of students.

c) Exhibitions are put up in Art/Craft Room on regular basis.

d) Students prepare projects on Science regularly.

e) Music classes are conducted on regular basis.

5. Personality Development and Value Education

a) Activities conducted during the year:-

i) Story telling competition.

ii) Essay writing competition.

iii) General Quiz

iv) Class Decoration Competition

v) Birthday card making competition

vi) Best out of waste

vii) Rangoli Competition

viii) Hindi and English recitation competition.

ix) Inter class Matches (Cricket)

x) Drawing and Painting Competition

xi) Diya decoration competition.

xii) Pot Plantation.

xiii) Fancy dress Competition

xiv) Paper folding competition.

xv) Face painting competition.

xvi) Talent show (Dance)

b) Students read the news in the morning Assembly.

c) Teachers help students in observing table etiquettes and good eating habits &


d) Students are regularly educated on environmental cleanliness, civic sense,

traffic regulations and good behavior through general talk by teachers in Morning

Assembly, general study periods, Moral Science periods etc.

e) The school has a system of two monitors in each class which are changed on

monthly basis in order to give chance to max. number of students to be leaders of

the class e.g. School head boy/head girl, house master etc. Morning assembly is

conducted by students in which they read news, thoughts, articles and rhymes etc.

f) Routine health lectures are delivered by Medical Officers/Staff on First Aid/

Head Injuries/ Hygiene etc.

6. Discipline - Staff & students

a) School Uniform is followed as recommended by Air HQ. It is compulsory for

students to come in proper turnout. Regular Checks are carried out and defaulters

are dealt with severely.

b) Attendance Register for staff is kept in HM’s office and all are to sign the same

with proper time of arrival.

c) Staff: - Disciplinary cases are dealt as per the provisions of Education Code.

Student: - A discipline committee is formed and disciplinary cases if any, is dealt

by the committee.

7. Remedial Classes

Regular remedial classes are held for slow learner in last period every day. Teachers

put in their sincere efforts in bringing out the best in students.

8. Clubs

Clubs provide a platform for developing creativity & interest in different areas among

children. There are four clubs :-

-> Nature Club

-> Art & Craft Club

-> Literary Club

-> Sports Club