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1.Drinking Water & Toilets.

a) The school has provision of sufficient drinking water. One water cooler for

each block and along with adequate water campers are provided for storing drinking


b) Aqua-guards are fitted to both the water coolers to provide clean and hygienic

drinking water.

c) All toilets are fitted with wash basin. Additional wash basins are provided in

water room.

d) Separate Toilets for staffs, boys and girls are provided.

e) All toilets are fitted with ceramic tiles. The toilets for small children are modified

as per their requirements

f) Each building has over head water storage tanks and water is available

throughout the day in the toilets.

g) The toilets are kept cleaned. The toilets are provided with bucket, mug, towel

& soap.

2. Parking Area

a) Earmarked parking area for students and staff.

b) Parking area is hard standing without shed.

c) Regulation of parking is carried out.

3. Play Ground & Equipment

a) Sports play fields :

i) Basket Ball Court - 1

ii) Badminton Court - 1

iii) Skating Rink - 1

iv) Sports Ground for Football and Cricket - 1

b) Adequacy and type of equipments:

i) Swings

ii) Slides

iii) Merry Go Round

iv) Arc Ladder

v) Sandpits

vi) Carom board

vii) Chess board

viii) Cricket kit

ix) Skipping Ropes

x) Foot Ball

xi) Volley Ball

xii) Try-cycle

xiii) Basket Ball

xiv) Skating shoes

xv) Judo mats

c) The pre-primary section is full of toys for the tiny tots.

d) A PRT looks after the charge of sports and physical activities.

e) Sand filling is carried out around the play equipment on regular basis.

Medical Examination of children

Students are medically examined once a year. Medical card of each child is

maintained. The school has first-aid facility.

4. First Aid Facilities

a) Incase of a child falls sick, the parents are informed telephonically or peon is

deputed to their residence.

b) The teachers are trained on First-Aid regularly.

a) First Aid Box is maintained and updated.

b) MI Room is nearby to the school. Incase of minor injuries, staff members take

the students to MI room within no time.

5. CCTV Surveillance

39 CCTV cameras with recording facility have been provided to check the security &

proper monitoring of the functioning of the school.

6. Smart Classes

All classrooms have been provided smart boards to help children to learn all the concepts

in a better way